01. What is the technical role of RECLAIM RUBBER in the rubber products industry?
  Reclaim rubber is used as a processing aid or substitute for specific products. There are no strict guidelines or specs in compounding, choice is dependent on type of processing for manufacture of rubber products. We offer expert advice in this respect.

02. What are the approximate amounts in which reclaim rubber could be used in a formulation?
  For rubber products of high precision, reclaim rubber can be added up to 5% as a process aid without significant reduction of technological properties. For other products even 90% reclaim could be used.

03. Does reclaim rubber satisfy food & drug regulations?
  No. Since reclaim rubber has varied amounts of material which give the superior strength to a tyre but do not conform to food & drug regulation. However reclaim rubber is not a toxic material in terms of accepted methodology (eg rat oral lethal dose values)

04. Does reclaim rubber undergo any changes on storage?
  Yes. Reclaim rubber undergoes a reversible increase in Mooney viscosity on storage dependent on conditions of storage such as temperature and humidity. Mooney viscosity should be determined before use and lowered by pre-mastication if necessary to be compatible with any other elastomers used.

05. Where are play tiles manufactured?
  At Samson Reclaim Rubbers Ltd., Galle, Sri Lanka with state of the art technology and binders and pigments meeting the highest standards for safety especially suitable for children.

06. Do play tiles conform to recent EU (European Union) legislation on hazardous chemicals?
  Our play tiles are certified free of hazardous chemicals especially in our range of proprietary surfacing material.

07. Can play tiles withstand extremes of temperature?
  Our play tiles have been installed in desert areas (UAE) and harsh wintry climates (Ontario, Canada) without any complaints.

08. What is the advantage of equine pavers.
  Equine pavers especially for horse stabling minimises bedding and costs of maintenance.