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Samson Rubber Tiles

Samson Reclaim Rubbers produce Rubber Tiles that create a clean environment and safety surfacing products for Children playgrounds. Our objective is to provide the best solution for impact absorption, high quality tiles with consistency in production.

Samson rubber tiles are made from environmental-friendly recycled tyres, helping to reduce the Tyre Mountains and landfill all over the world. Our rubber tiles provide a safe walking surface, absorb impact and sound and are fully self-draining. They are slip-resistant, soft, warm and comfortable even under bare feet. Most importantly, it will protect your children from cuts, scrapes and broken bones.

Samson rubber tiles are certified under ISO 9001:2000 for our Quality Management System. Our rubber tiles are tested and complied with British Standard BS 7188, "Head Impact Criteria" (HIC) EN1177 and "American Society of Testing Materials" ASTM F1292-99.

Samson anti-fatigue rubber tiles are ideal for

  • Playground & Parks
  • Industrial, Pedestrian Walkway
  • Jogging Track
  • Recreational & Park Areas
  • Residential Landscaping
  • Swimming Pool Areas
  • Ski Lodges, Ice Arenas
  • Protective Covering
  • Day care, Children Nurseries
  • Golf Clubs
  • Restaurant Decks & Patio
  • Fitness & Gymnasium Areas
  • Terrace & Balconies
  • Army Camp & Shooting Clubs Areas
  • Horses/Equestrian areas & Dairies
  • Walls, Industrial surfaces, Roof tops Patios

Product Catalog

Samson rubber tiles are available in different parameters such as size, color, design, etc, as mentioned in the below table.

Dimensions (mm) Color Thickness (mm)
300 X 300 Black 70
500 X 500 Green 45
900 X 900 Red 25
1000 X 1000 Blue 15
  Yellow 10
Top Layer Design Orange  
Plane   Top Layer Material
Nine Grids Bottom Layer Structure Tyre crumb / Pigment
Cobblestone Honeycomb Design EPDM
Brad Ford Bricks Flat TPV
Numbered Tiles   SBR

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All the tiles are available in five different thickness levels i.e. 70mm, 45mm, 25mm, 15mm & 10mm. Only 70mm & 45mm tiles are available in honeycomb bottom layer. 25mm, 15mm & 10mm tiles have flat bottom layer.