Nylon Fluff and Nylon Pellets

The major line of business of Samson Reclaim Rubbers Limited is recycling of Scrap tyres and other kinds of rubber waste. The main outputs of our recycling process are reclaim rubber and safety rubber tiles. In addition to the above there are few minor outputs of our process of which the prime product is nylon related products.

We have three nylon related products.
  • Raw nylon cords
  • Nylon fluff
  • Nylon pellets

Raw Nylon Cords

These are the nylon cords straightly from our recycling process, sieved to remove rubber particles. These can be used to produce nylon ropes, nylon fiber, industrial mattresses, certain kinds of fiber mats, to produce nylon mixed cement bricks and also can be used as a ply for certain agricultural lands.

Nylon Fluff

These are the Raw Nylon Cords crushed into form nylon wool/fluff which can be used as a inner compound for solid tyres and other rubber products such as mats, equine pavers, manhole riser rings, etc.

Nylon Pellets

These are nylon cords converted into palletized form undergoing a special extrusion process. These nylon pellets can be used to manufacture number of moulded products such as savage pipes, caster wheels, buckets, pans, flower pots, chair arms, chair bases and other chair components and wheelbarrow buckets.

Products from Nylon Pellets